Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix: a season 4 is possible ?

Online this Friday, march 31, on Netflix, season 3 of the comedy soap “Santa Clarita Diet” does not offer a real conclusion to the series. For all that, is that a season 4 is possible ? The creator has expressed itself on the question… Those who have already binge-watché season 3 Santa Clarita Diet, released on Netflix last Friday, know this : the end of the last episode leaves the door wide open for a sequel, and at this stage it is still uncertain whether season 4 will see the light of day. It is the same for the team, the creator in particular, who spoke with the Hollywood Reporter about this topic, it seems a bit tricky. A season 4 is it only possible ? Such as the cancellation of the sitcom day by Day has shown recently, the interest to renew the series decreases for Netflix as it ages. As well, past season 3, only the big audience success on the platform are assured to come back. For others, this plays out on criteria that are mysterious, that seem to mingle with critics, awards and of course the cost. “No decision has been made at this stage”, said Victor Fresco. “We are aware that the series costs a little more expensive each year, and we know that Netflix has a tendency to work on a series of 3 seasons. We also know that they love our show, I like to say that the humans who work there love it. Algorithms on the other hand, I do not know well how they work, and they take a lot of decisions, at the end of the account. So I don’t know more.” Ideally, the designer would like to see Santa Clarita Diet stops at the end of a 5th season : “I can quite imagine a scenario where season 4 would be the last. But I’ve always thought that 5 seasons, it would be the perfect (…) we introduce a big plot in season 4, and our challenge would be to find a new one for the 5th. I have no doubt that with these characters and the life they have, we would have exactly what to do.” By contrast, it appears very clear that if the series were to be cancelled, this would be very complicated to continue it elsewhere : “It is produced by Netflix in its entirety. I have not sought to know at this point what would be possible in this specific case, but I don’t think that take it elsewhere.”
The trailer of the season 3 Santa Clarita Diet : Santa Clarita Diet – season 3 trailer VF

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