Beaune 2019 – Days 1 & 2 : a young neapolitan in perdition, corruption in the philippines and social violence in Russia

Yesterday, the competition of the 11th festival of the detective movie Beaune starts with “Piranhas”, a film about the youth of naples on the road to perdition. Today, the program, drug-trafficking in the Philippines and hostage-taking in Russia. Wild Bunch Distribution Yesterday evening, the 11th festival of the detective movie Beaune opened with the screening of the Italian film Piranha by Claudio Giovannesi and the first film in competition. To start the ceremony, two members of the Grand Jury, chaired by Benoît Jacquot, the filmmakers Pitch Marshall and Nicolas Saada, we decided to pay homage to Agnès Varda, who disappeared on 29 march : “For us girls in the 1980s who wanted to make movies, she was like a landmark on the horizon,” said Pitch Marshall. Nicolas Winding Refn was awarded a prize of honor, presented by the president of the jury presse, Philippe Rouyer, which is hold back on the filmography of the filmmaker danes, who had brought in his hands the first images from his series for Amazon, Too Old To Die Young, which will be released in the month of June on the platform. Place then to the movies, with the first feature of the competition, Piranhas, screened in the presence of its director Claudio Giovannesi. Today, the spectators were then discovered Alpha – The Right to Kill, the new weapons of the director filipino Brillante Mendoza, and Factory, tells the story of the kidnapping of the owner of a factory in Russia. Piranhas Nicola and his friends have between ten and fifteen years. They move scooter, they are armed and fascinated by crime. They fear neither prison nor death, only to live an ordinary life like their parents. Their models : the godfathers of the Camorra. Their values : money and the power. Their rules : attend good people, tamper with, in the right places, and occupy the place left vacant by the former mafioso to conquer the districts of Naples, regardless of the price. 2019 PROKINO Filmverleih GmbH 3 reasons to see Piranhas is a moving film about adolescence and youth in distress. Where Gomorrah proposed a gaze, distanced, bitter and sharp on the Camorra – the mafia neapolitan – Piranhas chooses to wear a sentimental look at a group of young people embarked on a road without exit that simply want to get out of it, but have no other alternative than violence. Francesco di Napoli, a young Neapolitan chosen at the end of six months of casting wild and who plays the role of Nicola, the hero, dying literally the screen and shows a charisma that will not leave anyone indifferent. Without grandiloquence, Claudio Giovannesi made real choices of staging and imprisons his characters within a framework limited by the narrow cobbled streets and in a perpetual motion punctuated by the travel scooter from one neighborhood to another, from one moment of life to another, and from one impasse to another. Alpha – The Right to Kill In the context of the suppression of the philippine government on illicit drugs, a police force led by the SWAT launched an operation to arrest Abel, one of the most important traffickers in Manila. A police officer and a small time dealer, became his indic provided the information necessary to the operation, which quickly turns into a violent confrontation and armed in the slums. Before the investigators arrive on the scene of the crime, the two men leave with a backpack full of money and methamphetamine. This gesture of survival and corruption for the other will soon trigger a series of events that are dangerous, putting both in danger their reputation, their family and their life. Brillante Mendoza has lost none of his mastery as a director. If the story is drowned sometimes a little in opacity, the photography and the light in the nombreues scenes shot at night, camera on shoulder is a excellent efficiency and some plans set on the slums of Manila are breathtaking. The work on the sound maintains the voltage of end-to-end and finishes highlight the observation that very black that made the filmmaker on a corrupt society that surrenders to violence. The film will be released in the room on Wednesday 17 April. Alpha – The Right to Kill trailer VO Factory Responding to the fraudulent sale of a plant for the province, a group of workers were persuaded to extort money from the oligarch’s local, the owner of the premises. They are led by Grey, a veteran of the armed forces. The time of one night, their demand will turn to the hostage situation, and then to the state of siege. The confrontation does dénouera that the first light of morning. Factory, closed tight and quite talkative, is above all a movie social, which paints him as a pessimistic picture, and almost despairing of the disparities that prevail in Russia. If he suffers lengths and the music is too present, which contributes to the whole, it remains compelling thanks to strong characters and real moments of intensity. The film will be released in theaters on July 3 next. Tonight, the competition will continue with Savage and tomorrow will be projected in the Face of the night, Rojo and Birds of passage. So, keep an eye open on the news of the festival, you can find it here !

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