Marvel on Netflix, it is finished : the Punisher and Jessica Jones are cancelled

The last two rounds of the collaboration between Marvel and Netflix are cancelled. If the season 2 of the Punisher had been unveiled in January on the platform, Jessica Jones season 3 is not yet released. Cara Howe/Netflix It was to be expected, it is now official ! Deadline announced the cancellation of the series the Punisher and Jessica Jones after respectively two and three seasons. The fate of the last two series born from the collaboration between Marvel and Netflix is sealed and that is the end of the universe the Defenders on the streaming platform. The interpreter of the Punisher has posted a message of goodbye to his character Frank Castle and his fans : See this publication on Instagram To all who have served. All who know loss. All who love and understand Frank and his bread. It has been a year honor to walk in his boots. I’m them endlessly grateful to the comic fans and the men and women of the Armed Services and law enforcement community who Frank means so much to. Thank you to the USMC and all the wonderful soldiers who trained me. Go Hard. Be safe. A publication shared by Jon Bernthal (@jonnybernthal) on 18 Feb. 2019 at 7 :49 am PST “for all those who are committed. All those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. All ceuw who love and understand Frank and his sentence. It was an honor to walk in his footsteps. I am infinitely grateful to the fans of comics, to the men and women of the armed Services and forces of law and order for which Frank meant a lot. Thank you to the United States Marine Corps and all of its great soldiers that I have trained. Give-you in bottom. Take care of you”. Launched in 2015, with the season 1 of Daredevil, the idea of offering content superhéroïques “live action” and violent were brought from new in a genre that we knew the film watered down any profanity or graphic violence (for Marvel Studios as in DC/Warner). The end of the year 2018 had been the slaughter in Netflix with the undo of Luke Cage and Iron Fist and then some time later the flagship series of this universe : Daredevil. Therefore, there was little hope to see the Punisher (the series most recently issued) and Jessica Jones is set to continue. Regarding the detective agency, Alias, the season 3 tour still has no release date but will be well set on-line. These cancellations in the series are, in large part, due to the launch in the end of the year of the platform Disney+ because the House with the big ears seeks to recover all of its properties and characters scattered to centralize on its web site once it is launched. Marvel Television, coproduisait the shows Netflix will now focus on five new animated series to Hulu (owned by Disney). All series cancelled renewed season 2018/2019 : See the slide show slide show Season US 2018/2019 : all series renewed and cancelled 120 photos

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